Vacuum forming

Vacuumforming and Thermoforming Tools and Parts

–Delivery in Days LLC, an Ohio thermoforming company, and Sandel Products , a California thermoforming company are the only companies with a unique tooling technology that allows them to create thermoforming molds
in as little as one to two days. Thermoforming products with multiple components may require several days but—instead of the usual six to eight weeks— standard shipping of finished sample parts is just days.

How Do We Deliver so Quickly?

Simplified Vacuum Forming Tooling: Less Expensive than Pressure Forming

Del Reedy, founder of Sandel Products, spent many years working with high temperature materials used in the interior of solid propellant rocket motors. He used this knowledge to develop a proprietary epoxy tooling system that has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than aluminum. This simplified vacuum forming tooling process results in reduced thermoforming mold costs, and significantly reduces delivery times. In addition to the tooling, Del also created forming machines that extract the sheet from the oven, position it over the tool and form a part, all in less than two seconds. The reduced forming cycle enables Sandel Products and to vacuum form many products that previously required pressure forming. Using vacuum forming machines, which are less expensive than pressure formers, reduces our capital expenditure saving you money. Depending on the part, drape forming
is another process option we offer our customers. This is just one more example of our motto, “Committed to Your Success”.

Thermoforming, Thermo forming,

Stabilized Vacuum Forming

Thermoforming with No Growth or Shrinkage and Sandel Products’ thermoforming molds do not grow or shrink during production runs. Consistency is maintained from part to part—and lot to lot.

Using the stabilized vacuumforming process allows us to do thermoforming of parts like the Marine Pods, which must fit together line-to-line, as well as large parts of consistent size—without temperature-controlled tooling. And, if design changes occur, we provide soft tooling to allow modifications with minor cost impact. For added insurance, the thermoforming tooling is guaranteed to meet production requirements. LLC is running SolidWorks and can import your solid models directly, enabling us communicate design intent effectively, make any recommendations, create consensus, and keep your thermoforming parts project moving at a rapid pace. Utilizing SolidCAM we can CNC Route your tooling on our Haas GR510 Gantry Router . Vacuum forming tools can be made from solid models and patterns can be machined directly from the CAD data, eliminating steps from prototype to production.

Thermo forming

Fast Forming Thermoforming –An Alternative to Pressure Forming or Injection Molding

The synergy of thermoforming mold, machine, and custom ovens results in vacuum formed parts that, in many cases, may have the appearance of being injection molded or pressure formed. Thermoforming material choices are vast and include very thin gage polycarbonate, Ultem, and Nylon in thicknesses that range from 0.005 to 0.500.

Please be sure to visit our Gallery to see many of the vacuum formed or drape formed products and Sandel Products have supplied. In many cases, the vacuum formed parts shown replace products previously made using injection molding or pressure forming processes.

With low tooling costs and finished sample thermoformed parts delivered to the door in days, it’s easy to see why customers in the East choose and customers in the West choose Sandel Products.

Contact us today and let us help save you time and money on your next thermoforming project.